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Color Analysis Spring Palette

 Spring Accessorizing
 How to Shop for Your Spring Colors
Choose clear delicate tones. Think in terms of warm, yellow-based, clean, and fresh colors. Solids, animated prints, plaids and stripes are all good choices for this palette of colors. Fabrics may have refined finishes to some texture such as gabardine to crisp linen.
Avoid: Black, white and cool colors with a blue undertone.

 Spring Accessories Suggestions
Start with the basics to coordinate with your basic wardrobe selections: light warm brown and tan tones, camel, bright navy, and warm gray. Pumps or sling backs belong with suits or business looks and strappy shoes or sandals with dresses and some casual looks. Shoes should be the same coor value as hemline or darker for dress up.

 Basic Spring Hosiery Colors
The basics include suntan, warm beige, nude, ivory and peach. Hosiery color should blend shoes with hemline.

 Spring Jewelry
Metals: Yellow gold, old gold, and highly polished brass.
Stones: Ivory, peach, tone pearls, royal blue lapis, turquoise, topaz, canary diamonds, peridot, warm amethyst, ivory, sapphires and pale emeralds.

 Glass Frames for Spring
Metal: Yellow gold.
Plastics: Peach, camel, ivory, pale turquoise and soft bronze. Choose the color that best blends with the hair and skin tones if a classic look is desired.

 Furs for Spring
Honey mink, pale red fox, camel, warm beige mink, pale warm gray fox - your hair shade or lighter.
The suggestions for color in accessories are basics. Once you get a feel for your season you may try other colors as long as you stay in the range of your Spring palette.

 Spring Hair Color
Your natural hair color is best unless graying hair is dull. Then choose a color closest to your natural shade. Weaving and highlighting is acceptable for blond or or light warm brown but not redheads.

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