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Personal Clothing Style

 There are six (6) clothing personality styles
Personal Clothing Styles
You may already be dressing in one of these and may begin to create or build on your wardrobe according to your body frame and type, facial features and hair type. They all will play a roll in your new wardrobe creation. It has been suggested that after determining your color palette, undertone and body frame, it takes on the average of three years to completely revamp your wardrobe. The key is to build from your palette's basic colors.
Also, check out how to begin to build your wardrobe.

 Clothing Style
Body Type: Balanced, A or H Frame, mature face and figure and usually over average height.
Face: Average to attractive, symmetrical features, not long, wide or angular.
Hairstyle: Moderate to somewhat short in length, well-groomed, controlled style, smooth, cut usually blunt or some layering.
Clothing: Elegant, refined, fashionable, dignified, clean simple lines, softly tailored or soft flowing, ensemble dressing, not usually mix and match. Never trendy, faddish or severe in style. No crisp, bouffant lines.
Fabrics: Matte finished or low luster's dominate this wardrobe. Look of richness and quality and moderate weights. Refined textures such as silk, soft woolen fabrics, cotton, smooth knits, solid colors best.
Evening wear: Chiffon or elegantly beaded fabrics.
Prints: Evenly placed and easy to look at prints, soft flowing abstracts, hounds tooth checks, herringbone patterns.
Accessories: Refined, elegant, and fashionable. Sleek, slightly chunky, smooth circle or geometric, no angles
Personality Profile: Emotional nature, balanced, controlled and rational. Old fashioned person and home body.
Work Environment: Management or administrative work.

Body Type: Average to short, shapely, rounded, soft, busty regardless of weight. Rounded hips with a waistline.
Face: Soft rounded features, large eyes, natural feminine look.
Hairstyle: If worn long, curves and curls are best. If short, feather cut around the face best. Soft and bouncy, never straight or stringy.
Clothing: Rounded lines, lots of draping of fabrics, flowing shapes in dresses with a waistline. Waist definition, with soft, ornate feminine lines. Fluidity of line from head to toe.
Fabrics: Light to medium weight, rich and Lucas, silk and soft woolens, sweater knits, suedes. drapy fabrics.
Evening wear: Velvet, chiffon or lace.
Prints: Oversized florals, polka dots, feathery shapes
Accessories: Dainty jewelry in detail but lavish. Ornate evening wear, diamonds, silk scarves and flowers.
Personality Profile: Artistic, charming enchanting and magnetic.
Work Environment: Advertising, Recruiting
Body Type: Small boned, dainty, feminine, often delicate looking, gentle rounded figure.
Face: Rounded cheeks and chin, fined boned, large eyes. Delicate coloring.
Hairstyle: Softly curled when long with a bounce. If short, a feather cut. If long, a "Gibson  Girl" style.
Clothing: Frilly frocks of tucks, ruffles and lace. Old fashioned feminine styles, Victorian looks, simple clothes in feminine fabrics.
Fabrics: Lightweight, soft woolens, angora, cashmere, fine silk, fine cotton, crisp cotton, gauze or knit.
Evening wear: Chiffon, organza, eyelet, open crochet knits
Prints: Prints & florals, from small to large.
Accessories: Dainty jewelry in detail but lavish. Ornate evening wear, diamonds, silk scarves and flowers.
Personality Profile: Like Romantic
Work Environment: Decorator

Body Type: Tall with angular features, exotic and slender looking.
Face: Angular, chiseled features, unusual, exotic appearance, such as prominent nose, high chiseled cheekbones, or angular jawline.
Hairstyle: Sleek, geometric or asymmetrical cuts. If long, chignon is sophisticated. No curly layers or soft rounded shapes.
Clothing: Long, sleek, and always straight lines. High fashion, severely tailored garments. Square, sharp shoulders lines, angular necklines, shapes and edges. Extreme, exotic dress for evening. Ensemble looks, no mix or match separates.
Fabrics: Fabrics hold defined shapes. Gabardine, stiff brocade, or metallics. Patterns are bold and sweeping abstracts or geometrics in bold colors. Head to toe dark neutrals or bold colors.
Accessories: Bold jewelry, sleek and elegant. Hats, belts, bags and shoes with angular shapes.
Personality Profile: Natural authority, in control, risk taker.
Work Environment: Business Owner
Body Type: Strong, athletic, friendly face, usually average to tall, slightly muscular.
Face: Broad or long, asymmetrical feature with blunt edges. Natural and friendly looking face.
Hairstyle: Tousled, loose, windblown, never fussy, avoids smooth, sleek, blunt cuts.
Clothing: Softly tailored, unstructured garments. Nothing fussy or frilly or fitted. Minimal details, loose garments for mobility. Separates dominate, mix and match, designer sportswear.
Evening: Sheath or strapless gowns, sarongs, jersey cocktail dresses.
Fabrics: Soft textures, rough or nubby fabrics. Knits, matte finishes.
Evening wear: Smooth to somewhat plush, metallics, and glitzy fabrics.
Accessories: Minimal jewelry, simple chains and stud earrings, may be chunky or funky. Earth or Indian jewelry.
Personality Profile: Warm and friendly, goal oriented, responsible.
Work Environment: Homemaker or business team player.
Body Type: Short, small to medium build, angular bone structure, chunky, stocky.
Face: Angular features if slim. Small rounded cheeks and chin. Turned up nose and friendly face. Animated features.
Hairstyle: Short cropped boyish cuts. Layering on top or at temples, bangs and sides.
Clothing: Very tailored, straight, sharp fine lines. Animated outline, snappy, chic, lots of crisp trims of contrast, braiding or beads. Eye-catching detail.
Fabrics: Colorful, bold and sassy. Multicolor, animated, defined in shape, easily tailored, matte finishes light to moderate weights, oriental silks, crisp cottons, wool, etc.
Evening wear: Sleek, crisp trims, tailored edges, angular necklines, asymmetrical hemlines, beading, metallics.
Prints: Smart, colorful, animated, contemporary in look.  
Accessories: Small, crisp, geometric and colorful. Tailored, contrasting dresser, dark hosiery should be sheer.
Jewelry: Small and geometric, asymmetrical or irregular shapes. Contemporary and trendy looks.
Personality Profile: Energetic, drive, spunk. Dynamic, charming personality. Fast mover.
Work Environment: Sales, Marketing, Real Estate and Public Relations.
 Mixed clothing styles:

Classic with Dramatic: Symmetrical with slightly angular bone structure, facial features are symmetrical and slightly angular, tailoring is more angular with some sharp edges.

Classic with Romantic: Slightly rounded symmetrical frame, soft body type and softly rounded facial features.

Romantic with Dramatic: Delicate bone structure with soft body type, delicate and softly full face. Bone structure has slight sharpness mostly in shoulders, jawline, nose and ankles.

Dramatic with Romantic: Soft, fleshy, full facial features, Appearance is soft boldness with glamour.

Natural with Dramatic: Physically broad, or long and angular, facial features are prominent, strong but not sharp.

Gamin with Dramatic: Physically angular and geometric body type.

Gamin with Romantic: Petite, slightly angular bone structure, curvy, rounded features.

Click on the link above or on the Clothing Personality for help in defining your clothing styles.

 Determining Your Physical Characteristics
moderate to average height
symmetrical and balanced body frame
average hands and feet
evenly proportioned bust, waist and hips
evenly shaped facial features
non angular, full or long face
naturally smooth and evenly textured hair
naturally wavy or straight hair
tall with narrow, angular shoulders
narrow hands and feet
straight and angular body type, not curvy
lean and sinewy body
angular facial features
very square jawline
prominent cheekbones
angular or pointed nose
extreme texture of hair either fine and silky - straight with a wave or coarse with wave or curly
moderate to short in height
small hands and feet
rounded or sloped shoulders
soft, lushly curved hourglass body
always busty whether thin or heavy
rounded or softly wide face
large, flirty eyes
very full, luscious lips
naturally soft and luxurious hair
naturally silky and wispy hair
thick and naturally curly or wavy hair
moderate height
dainty hands and feet
rounded shoulders
soft, delicate hourglass body type
youthful figure and facial appearance
delicate, softly rounded facial features
slightly naturally curly or wavy hair
radiates feminine innocence
moderate to tall in height
moderate to large hands and feet
slightly squarish to broad shoulders
broad body type, leans toward muscular
straight waist and slightly tapered hips
bluntly broad nose and cheekbones
broad to long jawline
large, friendly eyes, slightly sharp features
moderate to thin lips
moderate to thick hair
5'5" and under
angular or narrow shoulders
moderate to narrow hands and feet
small, straight, or flat bust and hips
stocky, not curvy figure if overweight
large, friendly eyes
slightly sharp features
moderate to thin lips
any hair type

 Defining Your Clothing Styles
 a Classic can wear:
smooth and soft, straight or curved lines
softly tailored or softly flowing lines
ensemble or suit looks, not mix or match separates
elegant accessories
no extreme size or textures with jewelry
 a Dramatic can wear:
trim, sleek lines
crisp tailoring or bouffant styling
elongated draping, not body defining
strong, defined shoulders
angular, sleek, high fashion accessories
chunky, somewhat ornate jewelry
 a Romantic can wear:
soft, flowing lines that showcase the body curves
defined waist, feminine, ornate accessories
lavish jewelry
intricate and delicate jewelry
 an Ingenue can wear:
softly crisp, relaxed shaping
gently flowing, feminine lines
softly feminine, often antique accessories
touches of delicacy and never overdone on jewelry
 a Natural can wear:
relaxed, straight line
unstructured jackets
loose and easy tailoring
no severe, man-tailored lines
earth, funky, or chunky accessories
 a Gamin can wear:
sharp and straight, crisp tailoring
animated, colorful prints or designs
precisely fitted silhouettes
small accessories
geometric or asymmetrical shapes
expressive details

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