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Defining Your Season

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Color Analysis

Check the characteristics of each season to see where you fall. This will enable you to choose your personal color palette.
 Summer Skin Tone
Cool or blue undertone
Porcelain (very fair)
Rose Beige (tans easily)
Ruddy with pink or red
Beige with hint of sallow (yellow)

Ash or gray blonde - usually deepens with age
Smokey blonde - dishwater
Smokey brown - with a gray cast that looks dull and lifeless in wrong colors
Dark brown and brown with auburn highlights
Ash gray, silver gray

Blue, clear icy blue, gray blue, dark blue, aqua, and blue with white flecks
Pale gray
Gray green, clear green with yellow radiating from pupil
hazel - green/brown or blue/brown
Soft brown -rose brown or gray brown

Note: This person will usually burn then tan. There is a softer look compared to the Winter I

 Spring Skin Tone
Yellow or warm undertone
Ivory or milky white - with some freckles
Peach (some freckles)
Beige or golden beige
Ruddy with peach, pink, or red - high color in cheeks, chin, and sometimes forehead
Golden, honey, flaxen blonde - may darken with age and lighten in the summer
Strawberry blonde
Red - usually freckled; Auburn
Golden brown, warm brown - rarely dark
Gray hair is usually yellow and dull until fully grown in

Clear blue, blue, deep blue, aqua; seldom blue-gray; may have white rays in a sunburst pattern
Clear green, golden green, gray green, or teal blue-green
Light golden brown, topaz brown
Hazel - golden brown with green

 Autumn Skin Tone
Yellow or warm undertone
Ivory to light beige (sometimes with freckles)
Ruddy (with peach, pink, or red)
Golden beige or coppery bronze

Honey blonde or dishwater drab blonde with gold highlights; the latter is usually found in men
Red - auburn to strawberry
Coppery red-brown, deep chestnut brown, golden brown to dark brown with reddish highlights
Charcoal black
Golden gray - often dull

Brown - reddish, dark to golden amber; sometimes have black or dark brown flecks
Hazel - golden brown, green or blue; predominately brown near the pupil with color near the outer edge of iris
Pale clear green, golden cat eye green, avocado green
Turquoise blue or teal -usually with fair skin, never blue-gray

 Winter I Skin Tone
Cool or blue undertone
Pale - often blue eyes or Welsh or Irish descent
Beige - sallow with a greenish - yellow tinge to skin
Rosy - usually blue-eyed
Olive - also sallow light to dark, sometimes with a gray cast to skin; will look tired in warm colors
Black, brown, or brown-black - often lacks cheek color

Black, blue-black or charcoal brown
Brown -dark to medium
Chestnut brown -red highlights in the sun
White, silver-gray and salt & pepper

Shades of brown - usually with olive skin
Hazel - blue/brown and green/brown
Blue -gray blue, blue/white, deep blue, blue violet, sapphire blue, true blue, icy blue
Green - yellow green/yellow flecks, gray green, green/white flecks

 Winter II Skin Tone
Cool or blue undertone
Porcelain - fair
Rose beige - could have brown flecks
Ruddy - uneven complexion
Beige - somewhat sallow surface color

Medium brown (ash brown)
Chestnut brown
Burgundy brown

Blue or aqua
Blue gray or soft gray
Green, gray green
Soft cool brown

Note: There is less contrast of skin to hair than Winter I and a softer look because of the lower contrast. There is a higher contrast compare to the Summer palette.

 Winter III Skin Tone
  Neutral undertone or may lean more toward cool or warm
Copper brown
Medium to dark brown
Honey brown (with a light golden undertone; sometimes light ruddy brown
Brown olive
Dark olive
Beige or peach

Medium to dark brown
Black, Blue-black or charcoal brown
Brown - dark to medium
Chestnut brown - red highlights in the sun
White, silver-gray and salt and pepper

Brown to dark brown

Note: This  person  may tan beautifully if they have an olive complexion. Skin tone does not respond consistently to yellow or blue based colors.
Best lip and blush colors are clear red and orange red. May go warmer or cooler depending on the color of her clothing.

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